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Anxiety and OCD act as time-wasters, diverting you from valued activities with family and friends, disrupting your focus on career or school, and can lead to a sense of isolation. If you find yourself in this situation, working with a therapist can be highly beneficial, helping you reclaim your time, strengthen connections, and regain control over your life.

I offer evidence based therapy, drawing from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Exposure Response Prevention (ERP) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). My goal is to provide a compassionate and supportive environment as we work together to navigate through OCD and anxiety and address your concerns.

The approach to anxiety recovery emphasizes a journey rooted in understanding, exploration, acceptance and values. It involves cultivating resilience, adapting to challenges, and aligning actions with meaningful values, fostering sustainable growth and well-being over time.  I look forward to helping you discover your inner resilience and potential for positive change.

A Better Experience

Recovery is a journey, working with a senior therapists that is trained in ACT, ERP, and CBT, and who has trained other therapists through the US to provide high quality evidence based care provides a strong partner on YOUR recovery journey.

Quality Services

Graduating from Boston University's School of Social Work signifies a strong foundation in evidence based practices. This knowledge combined with practical skills enhanced over 15 years contributes high quality services for your recovery journey. 

Individual Approach

I offer a personalized approach, providing a wealth of knowledge, support, and guidance tailored to your unique recovery journey. 

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